Today we teach you how to do a handstand!

A handstand is likely one of the coolest workouts ever, however it’s additionally one of the superior strikes to study.

Luckily, you’ve come to the proper place.

In the present day you begin your journey to the Upside-Down!

We'll start your journey to the Upside-Down with Handstands today!

Ah, not that Upside-Down…we’ll maintain you on this dimension.

We’ve helped a lot of our teaching purchasers obtain their first handstand and right this moment we’ll share with you the way it’s completed with this information!

We’ll deal with it like a online game, progressing you from full noob to Stage 6: Handstand Grasp. 

We’ll go over the next (click on to flip to that part):

The tutorials forward are from our premium course Nerd Health: Handstands, which you achieve entry to beneath a Nerd Health Prime membership. I’d encourage you to take a look at in case you like what you see right here.

Alright, brace your self to get flipped-turned the wrong way up.

Are Handstands Good for You? (3 Causes Why Handstands Rule)

Jim pretending like he's Luke doing a handstand.

At Nerd Health we LOVE handstands like Eleven loves waffles.

Eleven is determined to start doing handstands. But she needs to get her grub on first.

Listed here are 3 the reason why handstands rule:

#1) Like different body weight coaching, there’s no excuse. You probably have room to face up, you’ve got room to observe handstands.

#2) It recruits DOZENS of muscular tissues in your physique.

From arm energy to wrist mobility to core energy to shoulder mobility and muscular endurance, handstands do all of it.

Rebel Leader Steve showing you how to kick up to a handstand.

When you find yourself making an attempt to stability, it makes your physique work as one full unit.

#3) It scares you – sure, that’s a optimistic. We develop outdoors our consolation zone and for many individuals, simply the considered a handstand is sufficient to make their palms sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, vomi…

Whether you have to perform in a rap battle or do a handstand, confidence is key.


The purpose is that the handstand is simply as a lot of a psychological problem as it’s a bodily one.

How scared do you suppose this man will get frequently?

Whatever you do, don't try a handstand like this your first time. Or maybe ever...

That’s Coach Jim!

Grasp of the NF Health Universe, and our lead coach for our Handstands Course and Nerd Health Teaching. You’ll be seeing a variety of him in right this moment’s article as a result of Jim can do handstands in his sleep.[1]

The Secret to Performing a Handstand

The hardest thing about handstands is actually the mental component.

Positive, we have to construct energy to help ourselves upside-down, however even that hurdle is overblown.

A correct handstand really begins to really feel simple. 

That’s as a result of when you’re balanced and aligned, it turns into uber-efficient. Simply as you don’t exert your self a lot in case you stand straight with good posture, a superb environment friendly handstand is identical method… it’s going to quickly begin to really feel easy.

Truly, the largest hurdle to beat – particularly originally – is the psychological worry.

Don't be scared of handstands. It's not like anything spooky from ST.

The voice/feeling behind your head that claims “you would get harm doing this!” SCARY!

And I received’t sugar-coat issues, you CAN harm your self engaged on these abilities… however it’s no totally different than in case you walked into the fitness center first day, slapped 315 lbs on the bench press, and gave it a go.

Or went out and tried to run 13 miles with out coaching.

The train itself isn’t harmful, except you try TOO a lot, too shortly.

If you happen to wouldn’t load up a bar to deadlift 500 lbs in your first day within the fitness center, why achieve this many individuals simply kick and fling themselves up right into a handstand, failing repeatedly, hoping in the future they’ll “get” it?


Don't try to do a handstand your first day practicing! Work up and progress as directed by this guide.

There’s a better method!

How can we overcome this worry and maintain ourselves protected? Identical to studying any different health talent: sluggish, simple, profitable steps!

These small victories accumulate over time to carry us to our targets safely whereas having a variety of enjoyable.

Are you able to study?

I'm glad Jack here wants to do handstands. But maybe he could be more chill about it.

Candy, we’ve obtained you coated. Learn on for methods to securely progress to handstand mastery!

Handstand Development Heat-Up Routine

Folks from all over the NF Rebellion do handstands!

For any handstand train, there may be going to be a big quantity of stress on the fingers and wrists. So, it’s vital you stretch and heat issues up.

Here’s a video from our NF Handstands course going over a few of our favourite wrist stretches to arrange to get upside-down. Undergo every stretch about 10 occasions.

Let’s highlight just a few of those Handstand Heat-Up workouts:

#1) Ahead and Again Wrist Stretch:

Rocking can help gain wrist strength, critical for doing handstands.

#2) Lifted Palms Wrist Stretch:

Simply lift your palm off the ground for this stretch.

#3) Reverse Palm Stretch:

Reverse your palms like so for this handstand stretch.

#4) Backhand Palm Stretch:

Do this stretch with your backhand facing the ground.

#5) Upside Down Wrist Stretch:

Another stretch for your handstand progression.

The trick with wrist stretches is to maneuver in as many various methods as feels snug. Be happy to make the warm-up your personal!

The shoulders are one other pressured space within the handstand. There are a number of methods we are able to put together them for work

A couple of rounds of leaping jacks:

Jumping Jacks are a great cardiovascular bodyweight exercise

Or arm circles

Arm circles are a great way to warm-up for your handstand!

That can get the blood shifting and the realm prepared.

From right here, we’ll start our journey leveling up your Handstand Development.

We’ll begin by having you’re employed with some stability drills and a few positional drills.

Nothing too loopy, and actually a few of these may appear TOO EASY. That’s fantastic! That’s what we would like, bear in mind?

We’re utilizing small victories to encourage us. Touchdown in your head just isn’t an effective way to encourage anybody.

Don't progress so quickly that you hurt yourself in a handstand.


Need somebody to construct you a customized made development plan for doing all of your handstand? Our 1-on-1 On-line Teaching Program will just do that, plus your coach can evaluation your actions by means of our app so that you’ll know your coaching accurately and safely.

Stage 1 Handstand Development: Quadruped Rocking

You could be pondering that feeling the stability of a handstand goes to be brutally tough.

Not so!

We are able to begin fairly simply on our fingers and knees within the quadruped place.

Steve showing you how to do quadruped rocking, a great workout for doing a handstand.

From right here, we are going to merely rock forwards and backwards on our fingers.

Appear acquainted?

If you happen to did the wrist mobility we described above, it’s the identical movement!

Rocking can help gain wrist strength, critical for doing handstands.

Isn’t that helpful?[2]

As you might be rocking forwards and backwards, really feel the place the burden rests in your fingers.

  • Once you rock again, it sits extra within the heel of your fingers. 
  • Once you rock ahead, you’ll really feel it in your knuckles and fingertips.

The place do we would like it within the handstand?

Proper across the knuckles.

This can be a balanced spot – much like the stability you discover when standing. You don’t sit all of your weight in your heels, and also you don’t lean all of your weight ahead, gripping your toes onerous into the bottom, do you?

Discover and really feel that stability while you rock.

When must you transfer on to Stage 2 Handstand Development? 

Now would work!

Stage 2 Handstand Development: Hole Physique

The hole physique is likely one of the finest methods to have interaction the midsection and stabilize the physique. It should assist to present your handstand a good condition.

The hollow body is a great exercise to practice doing a handstand.

Do it is advisable grasp the hole physique to grasp the handstand?

Not essentially, as there are many handstands on the market which are a bit banana-shaped.

The one and only Jim doing a banana shaped handstand

However the hole physique will enable you create a extra environment friendly place.

#1) Begin by laying down a yoga or train mat on the bottom and laying on the bottom face up.

Start by lying on your back like so.

#2) Take into consideration urgent your decrease again down into the bottom and interesting your midsection such as you’re coughing. You must nonetheless be capable of breath!

#3) As soon as the midsection is ready, tuck your knees to your chest and maintain your shins such as you’re preparing for a depraved cannonball.

Grab your legs like you are doing a cannonball.

#4) Holding the shins will enable you keep that decrease again and midsection place.

Nonetheless feeling good? 

Then attempt rocking!

Try rocking your hollow body once you get comfortable.

  • Rock your physique ahead and again barely from the higher again to the decrease again, like a rocking chair. 
  • Head and toes keep off the bottom. 
  • If you’re steady then it is best to transfer as one unit.

If you happen to want extra of a problem, attain your arms by your ears, maintain the knees tucked, and rock some extra.

Extending your arms will up the difficulty of this handstand workout.

With out the fingers holding the shins, the midsection actually has to maintain engaged to be able to offer you a easy rock.

With any of those positions, work to rock for a full 15 seconds beneath management. 

As soon as you are able to do so with arms prolonged, progress as much as Stage 3.

Stage 3 Handstand Development: Crow Pose

To enter Crow Pose, transfer ahead from the Quadruped Rock place in order that your knees are on the surface of your arms. You may even bend the elbows somewhat and relaxation your legs on them.

The crow pose can help with wrest strength for doing hand stands.

Rock ahead in the identical method as earlier than, placing somewhat extra weight on the fingers and rather less weight on the toes.

Start by barely lifting your feet off the ground for crow pose.

Necessary: this isn’t Murderer’s Creed… We don’t make a leap of religion right here!

Don't make this crazy of an attempt when doing your crow pose. Start easy.

Don’t leap!!! 

We’re merely searching for much less and fewer weight on the toes.

Take issues sluggish and straightforward – rising up on the toes when you may. When you find yourself prepared to choose the toes up and maintain your self off the bottom on simply your fingers, it ought to come naturally.

The lift in crow pose will help you gain strength for a handstand.

Be sure you seize into the bottom onerous to carry and management your self, and be at liberty to place down a pile of pillows or mats in entrance of you in case you ought to fall!

When you’re in a position to get each toes off the bottom comfortably and safely, it’s time for Stage 4 Handstand Development.

If you end up caught on the crow place or every other degree, we’re right here to assist! 

Our coaches can evaluation your development and kind that can assist you advance onto the following degree!

Stage 4 Handstand Development: Wall Stroll

On this degree, we’ll get began working towards one thing that truly seems to be like a handstand!

The wall walk will help you build strength for a handstand. Be careful here.

All we’re making an attempt to do with this train is help our body weight on our straightened arms (identical to the entrance plank or push-up).

You'll start a wall walk by first getting comfortable in a plank position.

So, the primary degree of this train is to easily get your self up into the highest of a push-up and maintain. If that’s too onerous, put your fingers up on an elevated floor and/or relaxation in your knees and fingers as a substitute.

As soon as that is mastered, degree up by merely lifting your hips within the air right into a down canine place!

Before getting on the wall for our handstand, we'll do a downward dog.

From right here, it’ll be a matter of getting your toes onto the next and better floor.

Notice: placing your toes up one thing even just a few inches off the ground counts – small steps!

You should use one thing so simple as bumper plates:

Bumper plates can help you raise your feet for handstand prep.

As you progress, add extra bumper plates (or no matter you’re utilizing) so your toes are increased and better.

As soon as you might be supporting your self along with your toes on a excessive field, attempt strolling your toes up the wall. (Consider it like a extremely tall field!)

Steve doing a wall walk as part of his handstand progression workout.

Watch out at this step: Make certain you’ve got sufficient vitality to stroll again down safely and second, that you simply don’t stroll too near the wall and threat flipping onto your again!

See the subsequent part on pirouettes to securely exit these wall walks in case you occur to “go over!”

With every of those variations, we’re seeking to construct as much as a stable 15 seconds beneath management earlier than shifting ahead.

When you’re on the level of mendacity vertically towards the wall, you’re in your solution to leveling as much as a full handstand! 

However first, we have to discuss methods to bail safely.

Stage 5 Handstand Development: Tips on how to Bail out of a Handstand

As you begin to get higher with Wall Walks, and also you observe getting nearer and nearer to fully vertical whereas the wrong way up, there’s going to be situations the place you begin to “tip over.”

To be able to safely return your toes to the bottom, you’re going to wish to do what we name a pirouette:

It's very critical you practice this bail as you progress in your handstand work.

Tips on how to bail out of a handstand:

  • Get right into a wall handstand.
  • Shift your weight to at least one arm (the planted arm), permitting the opposite arm to maneuver.
  • Drive one leg into the wall (the one which’s on the identical facet because the planted arm), and lean the alternative leg ahead.
  • Gravity pulls you round, and allows you to decrease your toes to the ground safely.

Steve showing you the "pirouette" so you can bail out of your handstand safely.

This is likely one of the most vital abilities you may study as you develop your handstand observe, as it’s going to assist you to safely exit any handstand with none threat of harm as you develop your stability!

As soon as you’re feeling snug bailing out of a handstand, my pricey insurgent, it’s time for Stage 6!

Stage 6 Handstand Development: Tips on how to Do a Handstand

We are actually prepared so that you can attempt a handstand!

It’s going to return all the way down to you slowly however certainly leaving the protection of the wall.

First, simply attempt to take one leg off the wall throughout your wall stroll:

Lifting one leg during a wall walk is how we'll start our full handstand.

Once you’re snug taking one leg off, making an attempt switching them!

Once one leg feels comfortable, the trick will be switching legs like so!

The target is now could be to modify your legs in a sluggish, easy method – one lifts off the wall whereas the opposite concurrently strikes again to the wall. 

When you get snug with this, it’s time to take each legs off the wall!

When you have both legs off the wall, you are doing a handstand! Woot!

BOOM! Your first handstand!

Are you doing it proper?

A great way to inform can be to report your handstand observe and evaluation it towards the movies right here to verify your kind.

Need to have an skilled evaluation your kind? Take a look at our 1-on-1 On-line Teaching Program! Our spiffy cell app helps you to ship a video of your handstand on to your coach, who will present suggestions so you may excellent your approach.

They’ll additionally construct a exercise program that’s customized to your scenario, which may have you doing handstands like Luke Skywalker very quickly!

4 Ideas and Methods for Doing Handstands

It's now time to share with you some handstand tips and tricks.

Nothing beats endurance and onerous work, however there are just a few suggestions and methods we are able to present that may enable you one of the best likelihood for fulfillment.

#1) Ensure you undergo a correct warm-up: We’ve given you many choices for the wrists and shoulders. Not solely will a warm-up assist forestall harm, however it’s going to get the muscular tissues and joints correctly ready to get essentially the most out of your coaching.

#2) Prioritize Your Handstand: You may work the talent by itself time, and it received’t intrude or be interfered by the rest, however what in case you’re doing different workouts throughout your exercise?

When do you do your handstand? Once you’re coaching in a swamp?

Luke rocks one arm handstand, but he also has the force. And yoda.

The most effective time to work the balancing drills (like your wall stroll) is originally of your exercise, after you’ve warmed up.

These abilities require focus and a contemporary focus to actually profit and progress with them.

Attempting to stability after you’ve exhausted your self with a troublesome cardio session is an train in futility (pun supposed).

The most effective time to work the positional drills (like your quadruped rock) can be someday throughout your energy session, and earlier than your cardio.

These drills will not be as depending on fully contemporary muscular tissues, however we nonetheless don’t wish to try to maintain ourselves upside-down after a grueling exercise.

#3) Don’t do an excessive amount of, too quickly.

We’ve talked about this 1,000,000 occasions as a result of it’s so vital. Taking over an excessive amount of too quickly is a solution to develop dangerous habits and presumably injure your self.

Don't go too quickly or you may end of bashing your head against the wall.

Ouch once more.

Take your time! Take pleasure in and actually grasp every step!

#4) Take it Simple: In the identical vein, we wish to search for success.

What do I normally see when individuals observe handstands: Somebody kicking up 100 occasions and kinda getting a handstand a couple of times.

How a lot sense does that make?

Whereas we’d not be batting 1,000 with all our makes an attempt, however we ought to be seeking to efficiently full round 8 out of 10 makes an attempt. If we’re not? Then we’d have taken on an excessive amount of, too quickly!

Let’s wrap up this information and offer you some subsequent steps to your handstand observe.

The 5-Minute Rule: Apply Handstands Each Day and Be Amazed at What Occurs

Now you know how to progress into a full handstand!!!

Commit to five minutes a day. That’s it. However do it day by day.

I’ll see lots of people go all-in for a single handstand session, after which not contact the talent for per week or extra.

Dan Gable as soon as mentioned”

“If it’s vital, do it day by day.”

Now, it is a simplification, however with handstands, that is ESPECIALLY vital.

Once you first begin out, your arms and shoulder could solely be capable of do 5 minutes earlier than they’re DONE.

Doing them for a short while every day is one of the best technique to enhance energy, endurance, and stability.

Wayne is stoked that he learned to do a handstand today!

Need assist progressing with handstands from right here? I’ve obtained 3 nice choices for you!

#1) If you’d like step-by-step steerage on methods to full handstands, get stronger, and even eat higher, try our killer 1-on-1 teaching program:

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Alright, your flip:

Have you ever ever tried to kick up right into a handstand?

What’s the one factor holding you again?

What questions can I reply?


PS: At some point I’ll be capable of kind articles like this whereas doing a handstand. 

Jim, our lead coach for Nerd Health Teaching, makes it look really easy:

Jim really does make handstands look so easy.


Photograph sources:[3]

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