Throughout menopause, your physique goes by means of a whole lot of modifications. They embrace your weight, physique form, and hormone ranges. However the excellent news is there are methods to really feel your greatest throughout this time.

Within the WebMD webinar “
How Menopause Impacts Your Weight,
” Beverly Tchang, MD, talked about these modifications, together with what causes them and what instruments can assist you’re feeling higher. She’s an endocrinologist at Weill Cornell Drugs in New York Metropolis, the place she’s additionally program director of the weight problems drugs fellowship. She’s co-founder of the nonprofit Tri-state Weight problems Society.

“Menopause actually impacts lots of people’s high quality of life. I urge you to ask your physician for assist with the signs and weight administration,” she says. 

“Menopause is pure, nevertheless it would not should be uncomfortable. You don’t have to endure by means of it.”

Ballot Questions

Over 1,800 webinar viewers had been requested about their menopause signs.

Stomach fats was the primary symptom for 73% of ballot respondents. 

Over 40% stated maintaining a healthy diet helps their menopause signs.

Why Does Menopause Have an effect on Your Weight?

Your estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone ranges fall throughout menopause. This will have an effect on your physique form.

“The reality is menopause itself would not trigger weight acquire, however we do see a whole lot of physique composition modifications,” says Tchang. “That refers back to the manner fats, muscle, water, and bone make up your physique.”

Getting old may very well be what causes 

weight acquire

throughout menopause, whereas menopause modifications how our physique is made up. Your quantity of fats could go up throughout getting old and menopause, and on the identical time, chances are you’ll lose muscle mass. For that reason, your weight may keep the identical, however your form could change. 

How Can You Overcome Menopause-Associated Weight Adjustments?

You possibly can fight the discomfort throughout menopause by means of 

food plan and train

. If these aren’t sufficient, speak to your physician about weight reduction 


Viewer Questions

How are you aware you’re in menopause?

Is menopause the identical for younger ladies surgically put into menopause by ovary elimination?

How lengthy after menopause can signs like scorching flashes proceed? When is it a good suggestion to report these to your physician?

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